04 February 2009

November 28, 1956: 50 years later and it's still the same.



honeypiehorse said...

That is certainly a timeless cartoon. Where do you find stuff like this? But you know, things don't really change. One of our favorite BBC comedies, 'Yes, Minister' is from decades ago and the political stuff they discuss is unbelievably current and relevant.

kenju said...

I'm sorry if the post offended you; it was insensitive of me to leave that one in. I simply copied the entire email and I didn't think about each question. Sorry.

G in Berlin said...

Please- I wasn't attacking you!

I really do know how unconsciously we all repeat things and pass them along. There are just certain issues that I am very sensitive to and I try to point these out to others when these topics are said in a way that I feel normalizes things that are wrong.

I really do believe it is my (perhaps old fashioned word) duty to not remain silent when I see these things and I generally don't assume the other person meant in any way to offend me. But allowing "wrong" or "evil" things to be background noise is what allows them to be part of our culture. Do you see why I thought that was wrong? If you do, next time you may tell the person who passed it on that it was wrong, and remove that item before you use it yourself. That is, I think, how we change what is acceptable in "polite" society.

I assure you, a lot more is acceptable here in Europe than is acceptable in the US!