04 February 2009

10 Things I know...

Charlotte has tagged me for this meme and hers is a bit more cheery than mine. As I told her, I am in a bit of a funk. But this is What I Know (or at least a small and non-cheery part of it):
  1. The older I grow, the thinner my skin.
  2. If a day goes by without reading- no, it has never happened.
  3. Sometimes one should cut toxic relationships. Not all things are worth saving.
  4. Sometimes distance makes things more bearable.
  5. And the converse: closeness allows us to see how unbearable things are.
  6. Civility is the mortar of civilization.
  7. Stupidity is real: sometimes it's not just a misunderstanding.
  8. It is not necessary to like anyone, but one should be courteous to all (subset of 6).
  9. When one has been attacked, one can defend oneself. This also applies to Jews, contrary to popular opinion.
  10. Jew hatred (prettified into racism or antisemitism) is a contagious disease that is both endemic and rages epidemic through the world. Only the falsely naive believe that is is gone. Only the innocent see education alone as a cure.

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