31 August 2008

This is a small world... and car buying advice...

The bus for the girls' kita starts tomorrow (and although I will really miss dropping them off and picking them up, I won't miss the 150 minutes I spent every day doing so).

We hadn't heard from the company director as to whether we would have the same driver or start time, so we decided that we would aim to be ready at 8 am and then call Herr F.

We just got the call from Herr F, and he was waving at us from his window. I knew that he lived across the street, but I didn't realize he was directly across and 1 floor down! (His building is 1 storey lower). Sort of funny, but also sort of freaky (the German just closed the curtains).

By the way, any one know about buying cars here? Should I try to bring one from the States (for personal use, on a short term contract, not for re=sale?). Or should I use a re-importer from Greece or elsewhere in the EU? I can't quite stomach paying 3x the US price for a crappy used station wagon or minivan, and I think we will be needing one this year.

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