27 August 2008

Footpain revisited.

I just got back from the Facharzt fuer Orthopaedie and the diagnosis was simple: apparently I have a "spread foot" and that can lead to a heel spur. The heel spur part I understand. And clearly my self diagnosis of plantar fasciitis was correct, as that condition leads to heel spurs. Obviously, I needed to attack this issue earlier and faster. Probably being a tourist in Denver (on my feet for 12-16 hours a day, doing walking tours) and taking the kids to and from school by foot (and train and bus) every day aren't helping.

So tomorrow I am off to have custom insoles fitted and I have a prescription for loads and loads of ibupophen.

Meanwhile, on the way back from the doctor I found a Mema supermarket around the backside of my block and picked up some mushrooms and Johannisbeeren and smelly cheese and frozed brotchen. The latter two I had with my coffee (and how did I live so long without a decent machine and a metal filter?) the former will make Chicken Marsala tonight and the berries are to snack upon- I love them. Along with red Federweiserwein and quark, Johannisbeeren are the things that I will miss from Germany.

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Diane Mandy said...

Ohhh! I hope all the walking we did in Berlin didn't hurt your foot even more!