25 August 2008

Where is Summer?

64F in Berlin and 86F at home. Where is summer? We had two weeks of hot and very humid weather surrounded by cold and clammy and raining. I could never commit to living permanently in the climate that Berlin has.

Today is at least clear, bright and cold (so far)as opposed to the last many days of grateful that it's not actually raing on my head.


J said...

This IS summer in Germany. August is always rainy and awful. June and July are hit or miss.

Diane Mandy said...

Not to brag or anything...it was 73 here. I told you yesterday about an hour outside of your fair city it was sunny and bright. Go figure!

G in Berlin said...

As I said, I live under the Mordor cloud.

It's actually bright and clear (although cold) right now. But it rained very early and I expect it will rain again. In a cold way, it's been a bit like Camelot and rained outside of my school drop off and pick up times, for which I have been very grateful.