31 August 2008


I have just finished reading the first two Anna Strong books by Jeanne C. Stein (look over in the sidebar on left for the books I've been reading- just started the list in a new format last month). The protagonist is a bail bondsman who is attacked in the first novel by one of her clients and is infected with vampirism. The rest of the book (and the next) are about how she deals with this involuntary transformation and how the new elements in her life interact with the old.

I enjoyed them both and was glad to see that there are two more out there. Since I generally order my books from Amazon.com, send them to my parent's house, and then ship them over when I visit home, I hadn't gotten around to ordering the next two yet (I don't expect to visit the States again until May).

Imagine my surprise at the coincidence that Amber was interviewing Ms. Stein over at her blog and she is running a contest giving away either one of the four Anna Strong books or a set of magnets of the four book covers. Check it out.

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