01 September 2008

What tax cut would you get under Obama's policies?

I haven't looked at the math of this, so I'm taking it on trust and assuming that I will be corrected if it's wrong, but as the calculator said, I had actually assumed that my taxes might rise under Obama and was very surprised to see a tax cut coming my way.

See what your tax cut might be.

By the way, I'm fine with no tax cut if the moneys would be dedicated to national health and family welfare (including childcare subsidization). I think we need to buck up and realize the middle class and up pay too few taxes and that we need a better social structure that makes private savings for retirement and health care irrelevant.

(Credit to Kenju at Imagine for posting this widget.)

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Unknown said...

The Tax Policy Center is a nonprofit nonpartisan center which researches these questions. They have lots of interesting stuff too.

I do know that my husband and I pay more in taxes than my parents in the US do.