10 September 2008

Do I look as stupid as I feel?

For almost a year now I have been moping around complaining about German food. I have counted the pig products in the meat deli case (39) compared to the non-pig (3). I have wandered from supermarket to supermarket, not able to return to the many in my neighborhoods that don't carry any non-trayfe products other than scrawny chicken parts. I have been amazed that Germany can label a sliced meat product Geflugel when it is 10% pig. The sheer ubiquitousness of pig has depressed me and reduced me to eating smoked pre-packaged turkey slices on a near daily basis.

No more!

Why did no one think to remind me that Muslims also do not eat pig (clearly I should know- I ordered a Muslim meal on my last flight) and that there are many Muslims in Berlin?

On Monday I was seeking out a new and closer ATM (for my annoyingly scarce German bank) when I wandered by a Lebanese market. I had half an hour to spend and the produce in front looked really good, so I went in. There's a butcher inside! With lamb and beef and chicken and turkey and the mixed hackfleisch is beef and lamb, not with pig! And the prices are great!

And a cheese counter and bread and, and, and cilantro, dill, hot peppers, bulgar, beans that come in real size sacks and rice! Hot peppers! I wandered in a daze. I bought pita and tortilla wraps and brined goat cheese and olives in cracked hot pepper and beef ground meat and beef pizza salami! And 100% beef bologna equivalent. Eureka!

Excuse my euphoria. I have spent the last two days having chopped lettuce and tomato with chopped brined goat cheese and a drizzle of (self-imported) Ken's Light Caesar in a warm tortilla wrap for lunch and for dinner.

And this was after discovering two wonderful Asian markets within minutes of my apartment. I had miso soup for lunch today and as soon as I can decipher some interesting Vietnamese and Indian recipes I now know where to get the ingredients for them. Now all I need to find is a dance class for Thing1 in the neighborhood and I'm set for the next little while.


Diane Mandy said...

Yeah on all those great food finds! Things are looking up. :-)

Betsy said...

Don't you love serendipitous finds like this? Enjoy your meals and your newfound inspiration! :-)

Lynda said...

Wonderful news! It will make all the difference. I have wondered why you were not taking full advantage of the many different 'alternative' grocers in Berlin (of all places) - when we lived in Munich I bought lots from my fave Turkish store and always bought my greens from the Chinese grocer.. nothing but perfectly fresh every time. You won't know yourself - I wish there was an Asian grocer here...

Joyce said...

What happy news! I'm glad you found some more food outlets. Of course, I was just at the point of asking if you'd like me to add anything to my Penzey's spice order to send your way soon? It's time for me to restock at home. Requests? Or do you think the Lebanese and Asian markets will keep you happy for awhile?