11 September 2008

It's a gorgeous day.

For the third day in a row Berlin is having absolutely glorious weather. It's warm and sunny in the day and cools off and is comfortable at night. I have just moved the French doors to the patio to the tilt position and I still have two of the skylights open.

I spent several hours this morning, while the girls were at school, working on putting together almost a year's worth of insurance claims. After my recent hospitalization and the many medical visits prior, I though that it was about time.
I managed to reduce an armful and several stacks of miscellaneous papers to 6 neatly paperclipped stacks with claims forms attached. The German will scan them today and I will securely e-mail them in this evening.

When I added up the total amounts (our expat insurance gives us a 20% co-pay on most visits other than well care) it was a significant number: I think I will try to remain current from this point forward. 

Additionally, I love that feeling when one reduces chaos to order and in the process decreases the amount of paper clutter in the house.


Diane Mandy said...

So industrious, you are. Putting me to shame!

G in Berlin said...

Ah, I just need to get my paperwork ubder control or I will start having anxiety attacks. It gives me a feeling of control when under stress to organize and be in a non-chaotic atmosphere. I think your place is probably always in ordnung, buyt in mine I fight a constant battle against the forces of chaos known as my children.