01 February 2008

Ahh... the Weekend is here

Not to say that the week per se is difficult, compared to when I was working, taking care of a house (and one which needed lots of help:-)) and the family, but here--- ahh. Feet up, the Things are in bed (and neither in our room!), the cat is on the bed, the German and I are tapping away at our separate laptops and on the third (yes, I know, there's a work laptop involved) we are watching Lost. This is the two hour sort-of reprise and then there appear to be two more 1 hour episodes from Thursday to watch either later or tomorrow. I also have Victor/Victoria and Black Dahlias dvred for when we have time.

My usual week runs, children up, fed, dressed and taken to the bus pick-up by 8:30. Then grab a cup of coffee and go shopping for food (generally every other day) as the fridge and freezer are small and I need to shop with a trolley. I usually run a load or two of laundry every day (also small washer and although efficient, 2 hours per load) and then a dryer load (it's vented inside, so I need to empty out the water a few times per load, which it took a while for me to figure out!).

Then German class from M-R, ending at 2:15-30 and then pick the Things up at 2:45. Friday is no class, but also a half school day, so we generally go for a walk at the Zoo after Thing2 takes a nap.

Then we return to the apartment, the Things play/and or watch cartoons while I make dinner. In true German style, I am now baking every other day and in between chocolate chip cookies I have been making this cobbler from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

The reason I need to do so much baking and cooking is that it is nigh on impossible to find either prepared foods or baking mixes that don't have an inordinate amount of both fat and dairy. I made a Mohn streusel from a mix and it needed 300g of fat and 200cc of milk, but when I made it from scratch, neither were needed.

Current plans for the weekend are: Aquarium visit for the kids, starting to put together the 2007 taxes, maybe figuring out how to run the connection between the laptop and the TV, and getting to the gym.

Now I have the last in writing, I hope that will be my motivation to get started before Monday!


S said...

Hope you're having a great weekend.

We're struggling with our taxes this weekend as well.

Diane Mandy said...

Just finished watching Lost with some friends via Armed Forcs Network, because our satellite isn't working. I'm curious, which channel do you get the new seasons on?

G in Berlin said...

Slingbox and a DVR are how I get my TV fix. Or I would have been gibbering some time ago. I really, really miss my TiVo though, and so will the German when he realizes in the morning that somehow the Superbowl did not record...