17 February 2008

Another German Stereotype fulfilled...

So today we were dashing off to make a visit to friends in Dahlem, which is in itself a very funny story for another post. So the Things are dressed in parkas, and Thing2 is running down the street with her usual lack of gloves and with her hat hanging down (it's a constant struggle) when I note the German is speaking with an older German man. They seem quite congenial and after they parted I asked my German what the discussion was about. Seems the passer-by felt that he needed to help us out by saying "Your daughter needs to wear a hat." My husband answered, "That would be our business, I believe" to which the passer-by reponded, "If you can't figure it out by yourself, then I need to tell you." I personally would have handed the man Thing 2's gloves at that point and suggested he try himself, but the German is more polite and just ignored him.

It's amusing because just yesterday the German came home and told me that while walking down the street he saw a man leave a soda bottle by a tree next to his Audi preparatory to driving off and that the German stopped, stared at the driver and said "I assume you want to pick up your bottles", provoking the driver to ask if the German watches out for the whole world. He said, "Yes, I do", the man picked up his bottle and drove away.

Not quite the same thing, but perhaps in the neighborhood.


Unknown said...

LOL! Oh, honey, Germans LOVE pointing out the failings in other individuals. It is a sad sterotype that is too often true.

Lynda said...

Yep I agree with Claire... Even after watching me raise my kids for 20 years now, my MIL thinks nothing of telling me that they are a)not dressed properly b) not eating properly c) not sleeping at the right time d)not speaking enough german ... you get the idea. 20 years ago I would get so riled when they did it that I thought my head would explode.. today I say in my best German 'Thank you, what a wonderful suggestion..' and then I continue doing whatever the hell I want! LOL