18 February 2008

It's a small world after all, part two.

So I mentioned that we had visited some friends in Dahlem. The smallness of the world is proven because we know this family from our small yown in New York: they lived in our small cul-de-sac neigborhood. K had noticed the German on the subway and mentioned it to his wife; the second time, he said "Hello" and of course it was the German. We had totally forgotten that they were ex-pat Germans returning to Berlin because we had been so focused on D'dorf. We went for Kafe und Kuchen (a very nice quark cheese cake, I need to ask M for the recipe) and to see their new house (very nice and with a lovely backyard, complete with a large red fox who visited while we were looking at it!).

Then we took all the children (their three and our two) out for a walk at Domaine Dahlem. It was komische that last time we visited we were just minutes away from them. They have a daughter a few years older than Thing1 and a son a few years older than that and he was just wonderful playing with her, getting her to see all sorts of things and being careful not to lose her while running around. The oldest daughter is a teen-ager who helps with the horses and gave the kids a bareback ride on the horse she cares for: they were ecstatic! The smile on Thing1's face was priceless. She had a great time. Thing 2 got a bit of running about in and then conked out in the stroller and slept through the rest of the walk and the train ride back.

I had a ticket for a (very) late movie at the Berlinale but we were not able to get any babysitter for the weekend, I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to go, and I just bagged it.

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