31 January 2008


Today I made a run to a store after my German class. I have a very short period of time after class before I need to pick up Things 1 and 2 at their bus drop off, but on Thursday the time is a bit longer as our teacher ends class a bit early to get to another committment. I needed to buy a sport BH, because I really need to start using the gym membership we got for Silvester. After 20 months, it's about time to get back in shape.

Of course, measurements here are very different. So I asked the clerk if she had a tape and if she could help me. She said that a colleague would be right with me, then proceeded to ignore me until I left 15 minutes later. I'll go back tomorrow morning when the stores open (my class is only M-R) because I will have 90 minutes to spend (half day Friday for the children). This way, even if I get no help, I should be able to try them on until I find a size that is correct.

I am surprised because I have found that although sales help tends not to be proactive here, they have always been of assistance when asked. Perhaps it's just the store that I was in?

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Diane Mandy said...

Hi! I'm happy tht I found you came to my site. My husband and I moved to Germany (the Rhine-Pfalz region) just two months ago and we will be here about the same amount of time as you and your family. Readng you posts is like a chapter out of my own expereinces! I'll be back.