12 January 2008

Vacation's over

Whew, the girls were finally back in school the 7th and I went with them to help them settle in because Thing1 was resistant to going. But I hitched a ride in the bus with them and they settled in and seemed pretty happy. Thing 2’s teacher, A, talked to me about how serious she is, which is strange because she is so happy at home. But Thing2 acts so grown-up there, eating her breakfast by herself, that I am not really concerned that she plays alone rather than with the other children. I told A that she is probably grateful for the opportunity to play by herself since at home Thing1 never allows her to play by herself!
I had hoped to have the time and energy to discuss the Ring cycle, which we are greatly enjoying, but since Gotterdamering is tonight and we need to leave at 3 pm I just can’t manage it. I will try to get a description in next mailing