25 June 2011

What I've been doing while I wasn't here...

The last month has just been so busy, lots of travel and exhaustion. Lots of fun and some strangely childish adult interactions— do bullies actually still get away with it over 40?

I'm not certain if I will append actual posts to these, but at least it shows where I have been for the last month plus so I can think about posting again.

What I was doing while I wasn't here—I was:
  • Visiting my family in upstate NY
  • Meeting friends at Book Expo and spending some time in my favorite city (I were rich I'd be living there), seeing the McQueen Exhibit and the Guggenheim
  • Spending a long weekend at Limmud and being in a Jewish environment
  • Biking in Schwerin and seeing Mecklenberg-Verpommern
  • Knowing that some friends will be visiting in September and starting to make plans
  • Having Thing1 earn her Bronze (and should have been Silver, but couldn't do both at the same event)
  • Seeing T1 prepare for her first concert: she will play two pieces on recorder tomorrow
  • Winning, with my team, a Scavenger Hunt and getting to explore a part of Mitte I haven't seen before
  • Going Strawberry picking and trying out a new synagogue that the kids and the German all seem to like
  • Having my state legalize gay marriage and watching Queen on Fire, found for 5€ at a flea market on the same day:)

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