15 June 2011

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

When we left the US, I very stupidly left behind many appliances, thinking that I would be back in two years and wouldn't miss them. One of those was my Dyson Animal. Along with so many other things I left behind to the tenants who then destroyed everything they were left: from water damage I have just finished dealing with (a year later), to destroyed walls, to a fire that destroyed the reeking carpets we had left (and which they left behind reeking).

When we cleaned the house up and re-rented it, we made certain, this time, to remove everything from it: either into garbage pick-up (because it was destroyed) or to our storage unit upstate. Which is where my lovely purple Dyson upright yet sits.

Then we returned to Berlin, where I was on my third piece of crap vacuum and then that one stopped working and I snapped. "I need a Dyson!" I demanded. The German said,"So get one."

I hate making decisions. This is why I usually keep cars until they are totaled, computers until their motherboards explode, and my clothes until they have holes in them. So, I looked and I looked and I looked and I was really annoyed by how incredibly expensive they are here in Germany. Far more expensive than in the UK, which is itself far more expensive than the US (where I could get one at Sam's or Costco).

So I kept looking. Finally, there was a huge sale in the UK and I bought one. Epic fail. The new "ball" upright system is completely unsuited to my needs: it can't go under our sofa or beds! So, back it went by packet post to the UK. Fortunately, that mistake cost me only 10€. Back to watching the sales. I was tempted by the DC-26, an apartment size, but I hate spending a lot of money and thinking I might need to upgrade (in a few years). So I waited. Finally! The DC-29 went on sale and I bought it and above you see the reason why a Dyson is the only type of vacuum cleaner to buy: that is one week after vacuuming with my crap Miele (still the best of the three we had previously purchased), no pets and we take our shoes off at the door.

I love my Dyson.

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Fiona said...

I hear you loud and clear - I could not live without my dyson.
Now I just need them to bring out the 'Dyson Glitter' which sucks up glitter but not little pieces of Lego and Barbie shoes, and all will be perfect ;-)