27 March 2011

A very long month--

It's been a long month.
  • Purim party and costumes times three (have to post some of those later)
  • Intensive German 4 days a week
  • while my German writing course is still running on the 5th day (last day next week!).
  • Yoga twice a week.
  • Referrat last week (I spoke about the Pergamon Museum)
  • Speech therapy Monday
  • Swimming Wednesday
  • Recorder lessons Thursday
  • Swimming and drawing lessons Friday.
  • Book group at my house this weekend and
  • two day 10 hour cooking course at the VHS and
  • family photos for the first time since we moved here (wonderful photographer, wonderful manner with kids, wonderful prices: I'll share some of the photos next week)
  • the German had a continuing education course that meant he was not in Berlin 4 days two weeks running.
  • I was asked to be the editor for the newsletter of a group I belong to and agreed, so I spent two months assisting on the monthly production and the last month putting April's newsletter together with my own assistant, as well as joining the executive board of the group: it's more political and more activity extraneous to the newsletter than I had expected, but I'm enjoying it.
  • It added a formal dinner and a General meeting to the month, though.
Some of this has been lots of fun and some of it has been just a lot, so things will change after the Spring school holidays and I will try to grab some down time.

And to make me more sad, a writer whose work I love and who is a dear friend of dear friends (and thus someone I have met and known) died this weekend. It just makes me more sorrowful while I am already very sorrowful by what has happened in Japan (and is continuing to happen).


Helen said...

Wow - you certainly are busy. I hope you manage some quiet time as well.

G in Berlin said...

The only time it gets overwhelming is when the spouse isn't around 4-5 days in the week. But I am looking forward to my Schreibkurs ending this week and getting my Wednesdays back.