17 September 2010

Well Used

Here in Germany, the coins are worth a lot, there are many of them, and there are no coin rolls. Even if one overcomes that issue, standard banks won't take coins (they had one a plastic bag and the address of a central bank in another kiez and suggest one run along). So change purses get a good work out.

This one has reached the point where I am embarrassed to pull it out of my purse, so it goes to the garbage and I visit Claires for another 3€ special. (Yes, in the US that would be Claire's: welcome to Deutschland.)


lytha said...

just yesterday i was mourning the lack of dollar bills here. euro bills. i hate it when i pay a fiver for something that costs under a euro, and i get only coins back. my first year here it was shocking and i thought they'd made a mistake. now i'm just annoyed that my wallet is always heavy with coins.

good to have when i need to "buy" a shopping cart but sometimes whatever coin i try doesn't work. then i found out that american quarters do! i grin everytime i use one at aldi. hm, i wonder if american quarters work at the car wash instead of the ,50s.


honeypiehorse said...

Somehow my husband never has coins bulging out of his wallet like I do...where do they go?