15 September 2010


What does it mean when my husband is at the store whose on-line catalogue I am perusing, at the very moment that I am longing for sold out items?

It means that I am a bit jealous, that great minds think alike, and that we both wait too long to get what we need: when he asked if they had any other color than black, the salesman looked at him with hauteur and pointed put that two days before the start of d'Wiesn he is lucky to find anything.

The salesman was right: every decent dirndl I looked at was sold out. I hope that, in a very non-German way, they actually order in during the season. The German also tells me that although on-line was sold out he thinks the store location has more in stock (they must: there was only 1 (ugly) item in stock in the childrens' section and that's just not possible). Otherwise I'll need to stick with my slightly too large and not very special already owned one.


Tiffany said...

Booo. Are you guys going to O-fest then? We were there last year but I don't know that we'll make it this tie around...I fear it's a sign of our age :) Or maybe just the fact that the weekends are insane there and we'd much rather be there during the week -- but someone in this house has to work :) Have fun & hope you find something to wear! I would recommend a place near Deggendorf or Straubing but they might have very little left by now anyway.

G in Berlin said...

Come along then! We are joining a table on Sunday, but I'm staying through Wednesday morning and the German wil be working all day- would love to have someone/s to wander around with during the day and while wearing my dirndl (I have one, but it's not exactly what I wanted, I'm going to look for another while there).