31 March 2010

What I am reading: March 2010

  1. Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton: Ok, every now and then I will read a LKH, even though the actual writing quality keeps heading downhill. Hey, that's what popcorn is for, right? And with the Kindle, sometimes the snack is too tempting.
  2. Shalador's Queen by Anne Bishop: I always like books by Bishop. this is the second Shalador book and is set in her Black Jewels world. We get a chance to see some of the people we care about from her other books and it's a cozy read but you should start with the original series: too much interaction is lost when starting with these.
  3. Blood Magic by Eileen Wilkes: I like Wilkes' world. Deep into the series, start instead at the beginning with Tempting Danger. A cop with paranormal abilities teams up with a lupus, while dealing with the prejudice of the regular world. 
  4. Reckless Jill by PG Wodehouse: One I haven't read. It swept me into that carefree world of a lost time. I loved the retreat and will be searching for more Wodehouse downloads. It's like "Calgon, take me away" for me.
Not much else. March was a very busy month and while I ran around I did a lot of catching up on magazines instead.

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