09 March 2010

Oh Frabjous Day, Calloo Callay.

And it was.

Every day is better than the one before. Since the day that we moved in to this apartment my attitude has just been great. I really never knew how great a drag the whiteness of my walls and the hideousness of my floors was.

We spent the weekend organizing a bit more, moving a few pieces around, picking up the pieces to make things work a bit more. We couldn't pry the kids out of the house! All they want to do is run around and play. I think they love having a bedroom close to the living room— they have spent more time playing in their room in the last month than they did in the 18 months we lived in the last apartment.

What we have accomplished:
  • Painted the apartment and floored the BR. (Done except for wave.).
  • Found a great matching fridge to our standing freezer. I now have a great refrigerator and freezer.
  • Purchased and set up bathroom cabinets (tall standing and under sink). Love Ikea! And love that for the first time since we moved here we can organize our toiletries and medicines and know what we have and where to find it. That's allowing me to pull out still good products for which we no longer have a use (T1 got over her dermatitis, infant formulations no longer needed) to pass on. I have also found my moisturizer and realize, after using it, how terribly dry my skin has become and how much more comfortable I am moisturizing regularly. The German didn't say anything, but I see some moisturizer going his way, as well as the humidifier running at night!
  • Got rid of our extra desk- the give-away fell through so we ran it over to the recycling center, and got T1's computer and desk set up.
  • Bought T1 a half-height hochbett with draperies and the girls spend hours playing under it, in their "castle". We had gotten T2 a Himmelbett, but it was too big for her standard size bed, so we sent it back. A bit late, so we will have to see if there is an issue that we were 4 days past the return deadline: the company rep said to attach a note that we were moving— and we got that sent back through their special drop-off. We'll get her a different one if there was no issue with the return.
  • That liberated T1's queen size bed to move into the Arbeitzimmer where it serves as an annoyingly wide daybed (with a great view over the balcony) and will serve as a guest bed if needed.
  • Have hyacinths, crocii and narcissi blooming and coming into bloom on the wonderfully wide windowsills over the beautifully warm radiators— we are warm every day and I walk around in the mornings lowering the heat. All the plants are returning to health.
  • Put up curtains in the bedroom, the childrens' room, the kitchen and the bathroom. We still have enough of the curtains (used to cover our wall of windows in the last apartment) touse in the Arbeitzimmer, but we haven't had time yet to drill our Ikea (retained from last apartment)curtain wires up. These things are the bomb: with the attached clips I don't need to hem.
  • Signed up for a sewing class, researched machines, ordered one in from the UK and received it in time for my class tomorrow!
  • Got the wallclock up: I always feel calmer when I have a clock on the wall and I need to get back to showing T1 and T2 how to set times and durations.
I am watching The Legend of the Seeker and I am enjoying it so much that I am rationing myself. I'm still going to be caught up to current episodes within a week and I'm finding that annoying. I expect that I'll be getting the books later this year.

I'm closing the laptop and watching Castle before bed: I love my apartment!

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