11 March 2010

Back in Black

Today we had a meltdown in the car because T1 is now old enough to walk to her classroom by herself (past the high walls, protective glass and armed Police).

T2 wants to walk in with her. But it was snowing this morning and walking T1 to class means parking 700 m away, usually with T2 asking to be carried. So we took the easy way. Until T2 wouldn't stop crying. That is, until we started listening to her favorite song.

Then she only wanted me to stop singing along and turn the volume louder.

Sometimes I really miss music: I think it's time to stop listening to BBC and start buying CDs again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow that's great. you call your kids things one and two. i've always wanted to do that. but i've only got the one, so the joke is wasted.