13 March 2010

Jetzt bin ich eine richtige Berlinerin

or, now I am a real Berliner.

We had our hubcap covers stolen yesterday. When we looked on E-bay, the 4 of them cost 29 Euros, so we assume that someone stole them for their own car. We won't be bothering to replace them— luckily the black of the hubs at least matches the trim.

But still, is it really worth it to be a criminal for that little money? I'm just glad they didn't decide to steal our kindersitze (carseats), which are worth far more.

We will report it to the Abschnitt (precinct) on Monday— not because we expect to see them again, but to contribute to the crime statistics for our area.

Berlin is quite famous for car theft (a bit like Boston in the US) because of its proximity to Poland, and also for its crimes against vehicles, so this a light way to be inducted into the family. Better than having it set on fire!


Formerly known as Frau said...

I agree I would not replace! I see so many cars here without hubcaps I wonder if that is why.

Lynda said...

Friends of ours were recently visiting Berlin (a trip to the big smoke from Redneck Cologne) - in the same night, she had her almost brand new mini minor almost totalled by a truck - that then drove off...and her son came out of an all night recording studio gig to find his porsche on FIRE! Adventure!