06 December 2008

The search for a better Sugar Cookie

So far, I have not achieved the cookie I am looking for. I have tried the Dorie Greenspan recipe twice, and it is not the one.

I just made Bellini Valli's Mother's Sugar Cookies, from her recipe at More than Burnt Toast . This was definitely better. (She also has a wonderful seasonal list of recipes up if you want to take a look.)

The addition of the milk added to the flavor and the cookie was moist and tasty. It's still not the solid sort of sugar cookie that I am looking for, one which is to a regular sugar cookie as a gingerbread man is to a ginger snap.

Anyone who has a cookie that they would recommend. please send the recipe my way. The goal is to have a moist and tasty cookie that is firm enough to be decorated with royal icing and even hung as a decoration if so desired.


christina said...

If you can rustle up some cream of tartar, the recipe I always use (Ruth's Sugar Cookies) in the December 2007 archives of my blog.

kenju said...

I have never made them, but I wish I could get the recipe for the sugar cookies I ate this week in the NC Governor's Mansion, while we decorated. They were moist, chewy and had excellent flavor!!

honeypiehorse said...

I hate to say this but the pre-made cookie dough in a tube from Pilbury made the moistest sugar cookies I've ever had. Or you might go for a Snickerdoodle recipe and leave out the cinamon.

christina said...

Oops,sorry - the recipe is in the December 2006 archives, not 2007.

G in Berlin said...

Thanks Christina- I went and looked and couldn't find, so thanks for coming back and giving me the right place. I can't seem to grab a link off that- I'm not sure why, so I have copied and will try tomorrow.
Kenju- You have to call and ask for the recipe now. Often folks are gratified to share.
Honeypiehorse: I have to say that I have tried those Pillsbury rolls and they are just terrible! Even the Greenspan is better- the Pillsbury dough is far too weak and the taste is too sweet. I have tried the ones with the trees and ghost, etc in them, but the taste never improves. I haven't tried a Snickerdoodle recipe yet, although I have two on my list. I may reach there if I can't succeed. Christina's look stronger, though. THey have more flour and less fat, which is probably the key to success.

Joyce said...

Something's on its way that won't help you with a recipe now, but will in early Jan. I didn't realize it would take so long to ship. I'll be using its twin for my baking later this week.