17 April 2012

Schloss Bellevue

where the workers are.
Visiting Schloss Bellevue is an incredible treat: there are very limited tours allowed, they are given only to certain groups, and they book out years in advance. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to tour the ceremonial seat of the German President and the associated Bundespräsidialamt.

Our guide was a charming government worker, who started us in the office building, discussed its history, architecture, and the individuals who work there and then walked us to the Schloss. This is one of her duties as she spends a period of time attached to the President's office.

The lovely Schloss Bellevue, although the official residence of the President, is not where he actually lives (that is a government-owned home in Dahlem, not far from the other ambassadors, including that from the US). The flag seen flying from the "residence" does not actually indicate that the President is in his office (either here or at the Bundespräsidialamt), but that he is not in official residence at the Bonn Residence: Villa Hammerschmidt or on a state visit, when he would "reside" where the German flag was raised.
The official Guest Book
Original art, furniture to match

Great Hall

The largest hall in the palace is used for large receptions, state banquets, concerts, discussions, ceremonies awarding prizes and decorations and other events. The walls on the north and south side exhibit two large bodies of colour entitled "Begegnungen" (Encounters, 1988) by the artist Gotthard Graubner.

Seeing our group indicates the size of this room, a reception room which can also be used as a banquet hall.

I loved the paintings.

(Below, you see the painting on the facing wall, with me below it to show scale.)

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