30 October 2011

The end of the season

With apologies for not being very communicative recently (getting over some respiratory problems), I wanted to mark the end of my favorite (and sadly, very short) period in Germany: the Federweisser period.

As I've said, the only German gastronomic products that I would miss if I left are quark (and I now know how to make it at home) and Federweisser (which is irreplaceable). But what I love is not the Federweisser (pressed from white wine grapes), but the Federroter, the equivalent but pressed from red wine grapes.

It is the nectar of the gods.

The season (here) is only three weeks and I know of only one place to find it. I haunt that place and when the wine arrives (they do also have the white, which is far better than what I have bought bottled), I start buying it.
What you see here is the last of our supply. The containers are at different levels of fermentation (I must have rotated improperly) and the German is drinking the one on the left (far more alcohol) while I am drinking that on the right (almost grape juice, but with a fruity and smooth kick).

(And no- the refrigerator is not normally that tidy- as I have been sick and we were away last weekend, it was abnormally empty. So we took the opportunity to clean it.)


Helen said...

I seem to have missed Federweisser season this year. I must admit, I'm normally all about the zwiebelkuchen rather than the Federweisser though. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Guter Besserung!

Milly said...

Hi G,

It was great to finally meet you in person -- and my apologies for writing you back. That upper-respiratory infection seems to have hit everyone who came to WEBMU, me included. It's been a month and my daughter's still not fully recovered. Something about not wanting to put on your jacket can quickly turn a cold into pneumonia. Lesson learned. Hope y'all are doing well.