01 May 2011

Werder Baumblütenfest

It's absolutely incredible how many posts I started and left hanging. This is just one of them.

The Werder Baumblütenfest is quite close to Berlin and I had been meaning to get to it ever since reading about it on another expat's blog. With over 500,000 visitors during its nine days, it is one of the largest "Folk Festivals" in Germany. We loaded up our bikes and sallied forth.

On the published "trail" we stopped at several locations and tasted the fruit wines: I particularly enjoyed the Johannesbeeren (current wine, both red and black). Each stop had wine for purchase in supplied or self-supplied containers and some type of food on offer (cake and Wurst being the usual), while some had play areas.

But as a relative non-drinker and hater of crowds, I am not the target audience (really, I am not for any crowded venue). I enjoyed looking at the flowers, but a second in the (very loud) city centre sent us out onto a bike trail where we actually enjoyed our day, stopping at a hilltop Kneipe to give the girls an Apfelschorle while we had a water and a platter of bread and cheese (the Germans were knocking back the Wurst and the wine as well). We enjoyed the view and the exercise and went home after a nice ride, enjoying a look at the local wine region.

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Unknown said...

I am on way out there tomorrow and nervous about the reports of enormous teenage crowds, but hopefully a little sun & Johannesbeeren can bolster our spirits. Thanks for the review!