06 May 2011

Decluttering my Parents-in-Law's house

While we were in the UK over Easter weekend, the girls were at my in-laws, always something they look forward to.
When we got back, my father-in-law asked if we could take a box that we had forgotten in his Kellar. I was a bit surprised that we had anything there, because we occupy the attic and we are generally very good at keeping our things out of their way and tidied up.
Once I saw the box, I was pretty happy: this is some pretty fabulous wine, brought over in our container from the US and quite unavailable here. (My father-inlaw assures me the box was stored on its side.) If the picture is magnified, it might be possible to see a few bottles of Opus One that I shipped to myself from when I was doing a drive through the Napa area in 1995, as well as some Grgich Hills from the same time and a bit later.

We haven't opened any yet, but I expect that we will in June and I hope to plan an evening around each bottle.

I was glad to help declutter the in-laws' house and the bottles are now neatly tucked away in our wine rack, clutter no more.


Fiona said...

Ohh, what a treat! And such a nice surprise too. Enjoy the wine.

Helen said...

I could quite easily live with that kind of clutter. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad find t all!