07 May 2011

Soup in a Can

Really, lentil soup is easy enough to make. But I have been searching for a soup that I can keep on the shelf for emergencies, one without hidden pig elements and one without hidden MSG/MNG to make me ill and this is the first I have found. It's not as good as my own, but it is decent (when I add a lot of cayenne pepper). This has not been easy to find, during 3+ years in Germany and I am glad to have found it.

Next up is a chicken soup from the same producer. I'm pretty pleased and I hope the taste is half-way decent.

1 comment:

lytha said...

thanks for the tip - i make my own too but sometimes i wish i could find good canned soup. really, ANY good canned soup would make me happy. i love how you said "with enough cayenne..." *LOL*!!! i would also add fresh ginger to it, i cannot eat lentil soup without ginger.