06 April 2011

Family Photos

We haven't taken a real set of family photos since we moved here from the US. I've really felt the lack, but at least we have had a few school photos for the children. When T2 didn't have a smile in this year's lot, my tremendous dissatisfaction came to a head and I tried like mad to find the equivalent of Sear's Photo Studios: decent to good shots at a decent to good price. I am happy to pay a sitting fee and to commit to purchasing a series of photos, but I want to have the data burned on disc. I don't believe in "binding the mouths of the kine", but to be told that I should expect to pay 14€ and up per print and then, if I wanted the data, 25€ per shot, blew my mind. And that's with an affiliate verein discount!

No way.

I found a fabulous woman who has a wonderful way with children. She has opened a new studio in Berlin and I can say nothing but wonderful things about her. We paid a fair sum and we are satisfied and we have our data. Her fees are for her skill and her time and those are worth the money we paid. Rosa Reibke's prices for prints are great and to be able to own our data at the end makes us very happy. I hope her new business is extremely successful, because it deserves to be.


Paula said...

G, these are wonderful--your girls are growing up way too fast. (Says she, the mom of a 16-year-old.) Enjoy every minute.

Helen said...

G - your girls are completely adorable. Love the photos.

Fiona said...

What amazing pics.
I keep meaning to get my two done, and now you have inspired me!

christina said...

So sweet! Your girls are beautiful.