31 August 2010

What I am reading: August 2010

  1. Cry Sanctuary by Moira Rogers: Hey, who knew? I really like it. Just an intro to a duo who will become a powerful team and a hint of societal dissolution and a European war. Between werewolves and wizards.
  2. Once around the Track by Sharyn McCrumb: Who would have ever thought that McCrumb would write a romantic paen to NASCAR? But I did enjoy it, as a fast read. Wouldn't have bought it though, although I like her writing.
  3. Chosen Ones by Alister E. McGrath: So clearly a tribute to the Narnia Chronicles mixed a bit with LotR, although not written as well as CS Lewis or Tolkein. I still enjoyed it and I think I will look at the second.
  4. Katy's New World by Kim Vogel Sawyer: In a contrast to the fashionable Amish story, this is a YA about a Mennonite girl who desperately wants to further her education even though her decision to continue school after 16 takes her outside of her community and may cause her to be ostracized.
  5. The Game of Stars and Comets by Andre Norton: this is a compilation of The X-Factor, The Sioux Spaceman, Eye of the Monster and Voorloper. Early classics by Andre Norton that I loved reading again.
  6. The Green Hills of Earth by Robert A. Heinlein: doesn't need an introduction. A classic collection of short stories that I purchased from Baen Books (love their DRM-less books, which give me a sense of confidence in longevity and are reasonable priced- always important when I already own the book, perhaps even in several copies).
  7. Forevermore by Cathy Marie Hake
ed. This posted a big early- I did a lot of reading on the Kindle this month and the majority of these were free downloads from Amazon, so interesting to dabble in.

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