04 June 2009

Would I lose my head if it were not attached?

When I got back from NYC, the German asked me where the single stroller was. I looked at him. Had he thought I had taken it with me? I asked him where beloved Pooh was. He said that Thing2 had not asked for BP, which I said was not the point. (She has since. My response is: vacation. As a good German, she accepts that.)

It's been a real conundrum. How can one lose a stroller? It's not the first item one would expect to be stolen and it's also not an item one would expect to be left when one has taken it somewhere. I wondered if a child could have pushed it outside and someone might have taken it? The girls said no. The husband said no.

Today I thought: Hmm. Last Wednesday we took the girls to a function and they left from the function by bus while we walked home. Voila. I only hope beloved Pooh is still there when I pick it up. And I think I need to put our name and number on it: we are clearly not to be trusted!

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