10 March 2009

Getting there...

  1. Purim Party with kita
  2. booked full-size for NY
  3. booked mini-van for Florida
  4. booked flight to the US for trip alone at end of May
  5. booked convention hotel after synchronizing plans with friend
  6. picked up suit
  7. dropped off shoes
  8. stopped mail
  9. stopped forwarded mail from US
  10. got book club book from friend, gave it to someone else (and, since I ran into friend1, was able to give her my Diaz for signature this week!)
  11. packed both children's clothing(almost finished)
  12. booked Disney character breakfast
  13. arranged to meet a facility bound friend
  14. cleaned and tidied house
  15. made meatloaf
  16. Skyped with A and saw the baby!
  17. The German bathed kids and put them to bed
Still to come:
  1. Finish packing children (bathing suits, toys, ancillary items)
  2. pack myself
  3. pack cameras and chargers
  4. pack DVDs and player and charger
  5. pack computer, charger, adapter
  6. pack medicine for Thing1's strep
  7. pack toiletries, books, magazines and coloring books (for them, not me!)
  8. booking the convention membership for the end of May
  9. water plants. hope they survive without drowning or dessication
  10. clean out camera cards, upload photos and charge cameras
  11. do my Tuesday's with Dorie post- I made the recipe last night
  12. Get some sleep?


Alice said...

Woman, you rock!!! Enjoy your vacation! I'll miss you!

hexe said...

You don't need sleep; you can sleep on the plane (hahahahahaha!). Sorry, my husband once said that to me when I was flying alone with the two kids. Have a great time!