08 March 2009

Cameras, cameras, cameras: What to do?

Another of my point and shoots has taken an apparent vacation without me. I'm not certain if it hitched a ride in a visitor or tradesman's pocket, the way my passport, previous Sony W-170 and red, engraved iPod nano did, or if the kids have hidden it, as they did my Sony Ericson handy, resulting in my now having a spare.

In any event, I am unwilling to go do Disney without a pocketable point and shoot and so I have been driving myself crazy researching what I want/need/desire.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please don't suggest buying a larger (and better) camera, I already have a Nikon D-50 and a D-70s (and find a DSLR invaluable with kids) but it's just too unwieldy while I run around with two small children at venues like Disney. Maybe when they are older and I'm not slogging the diaper bag as well as food for four. What I really want to do is Ebay both of those and pick myself up the D-90 for a real camera while having a great compact but getting a new DSLR will need to wait on my actually selling the other two.

I went into a local high end camera store which buys and sells and, in typical German fashion, they offered me 40 Euro for  the D-50 which they were selling, used in the window, for over 400, so the German needs to list them for sale (my German is not good enough to make me feel comfortable listing in German Ebay). Unless anyone can suggest another selling site/location to explore?

I have three days to order it so that it will be waiting for me at our first stop on our Berlin-NYC-Westchester-Western Mass-Orlando-Boca-Orlando-Berlin (are you exhausted too?) "vacation" (from which I expect to need a vacation afterward!).

By the way, I am leaning toward the 880, unless the SX200 is released in the next two days....

And I'm dropping my old Elph 230 off at the Canon repair shop tomorrow for Thing1: she's been begging for a camera for ages and the toy digitals have picture quality that's too awful for even a child.


J said...

All I'll recommend is a Canon. I've been using Canons forever now and love them (I currently have the PowerShot A470).

vailian said...

I have the Canon SX110 IS and love it-- it is better than the smaller ones and more reliable, but still pocket size. Nice big display too.
Of course if I am doing the kids or portraits I also will use an SLR (have the 40d)