13 March 2008

The mundanity of life

  • Sunday: 3 loads laundry, sunny, cat vomited
  • Monday:2 loads laundry, 1 trolley food,1 wurst dinner, class cancelled so unloaded and put away suitcases. Chicken dinner, raining, cat vomited
  • Tuesday: 1 load laundry, 1 bag food, 1 beef/noodle dish, 1 batch chocolate chip cookies, German class, grey, cat vomited on chairs
  • Wednesday: no laundry, German class, 1 bag food,chicken soup and chicken dinner, massive argument with my mother, who doesn't fight fair, telephone problems, blinds installed (3 months late!), flowers from my husband xxxooo, intermittent rain, cat vomited on bed
  • Thursday: 3 loads laundry, German class, cleaning trashed apartment, 1 bag food, raining, cat has not vomited (yet)


Diane Mandy said...

I have had those weeks, too! Out of curiousity, how long does it take you to do a load of laundry? My machines are SLOW, It's almost 5 hours to wash and dry. You?

G in Berlin said...

For the long cycle on y washer: 2 hours. I do my dryer by time and I generally start at 1:45. Whether I need to extend that time depends on how hard a spin I used on the washer (and therefore how much water was centrifuged out of the clothes). I tend to keep those rpms low because I find this washer (and dryer!) extremely hard on my clothing (as compared to the Mieles I had in the tates). I run extremenly large loads because it takes so long (drives my mother-in-law crazy) and I run both machines at the same time, of course, during the second wash load and on. Still sounds better an hour + better than yours, what brand do you have? Bosch and Asko are the slowest. I have a no name here.

Helen said...

One can always rely on the universal constant that the cat will vomit.

I've had weeks like this too. Things invariably get better. Having read your next post, I know you will doubt this, but I believe it. I hope things settle down for you.

Carol said...

This is hilarious! Poor kitty! Poor YOU!