17 May 2010

Clueless and Vitriolic

I was reading the comments to this when I just couldn't stand it any longer.

The vitriol and hatred flying from the "non-parents" at the "parents" was insane. I might say from the dog-owning to the child-owning, but that's really not what the tenor of the comments were. The tenor seemed to be that children should, as Mark Twain said, be put in a barrel and fed through a bung-hole until 18. I am more used to seeing this type of open and semantically veiled hatred from misogynists and racists but clearly I haven't been reading enough.

We live in a society and children are a part of that society. In Germany, women and children (and men ) have rights both as individuals and as family members within society. So when Germans, the most litigious nation in the world, sue because children are crying, they run up against the fact that children have a legal right to cry. And to play. And to make noise.

There are limits and bounds for everyone, of course. But some of the "child-free" should just live in a world where no one actually curtailed their lives to raise other people and see how they enjoy a dying society. Clearly they don't have enough empathy or forethought to understand the concept though.

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