21 May 2010

Heading Out

I haven't started packing yet, but I'm heading out in the morning for the US. It's a quick trip, without the kids and husband, and I am both looking forward to it and dreading it.

Looking forward to it because:
  • No husband and kids:). That translates into an easy trip, reading books, watching movies, sleeping.
  • I'll be visiting my parents, seeing my Dad just shortly after his 80th, seeing at least one brother and his family: I miss them.
  • I'll be stopping at the BEA--- and what could be better than ARCs for the forthcoming year's publishing schedule, meeting authors and listening to interesting panels?
  • I'm going over with a half empty suitcase and another within it and I expect I'll fill them up with Carters' clothes, Stride-Rite shoes,and Target t-shirts for myself (the husband has already got a few pairs of Zappos ordered shoes waiting). Another blogger recently found and posted how to get Splenda in Germany, so I'll be looking to bring back Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and CrystaLite (I'm stocked on molasses and baking soda right now and make my own vanilla extract). The books will be shipped back at M-bag rates (half the cost of regular shipping) and I may ship a box or two of lighter things over as well, but I expect that I will fill that second suitcase. At least I don't need to bring any books with me because I'll be using the Kindle (300+ books last I looked, not all those I want to read:)), bringing magazines that I'll recycle on the way, and a book or two as presents that won't make their way back here.
Dreading it:
  1. Because I will miss the kids. The German not so much, because I'm used to him being gone all week.And because I expect he will call, but that I will frequently miss the kids becuase of the time difference and cell phone blanks in NYC.
  2. And because, due to following the cheapest ticket, I will be flying out of Newark, rather than JFK. It requires that I find a shuttle bus that I have never been on before, after making my way by train to NYC from visiting friends upstate after the Expo, while dragging two suitcases and a carry-on, alone. Yich. I'll be allotting myself plenty of time to discover that there are no handicapped (that is, luggage dragging) accessible ways from one public transport area to another. Ah well. It's something that I have become acutely aware of as a parent and now as a non-business traveler (never cared much when I was only carrying a carry-on!).


Fiona said...

Have fun.
I am so envious of the shopping opportunities!

hexe said...

Hope you have had a good trip.