26 July 2011

What I see from my kitchen window...

The wall that I look out onto in my Hof has been a rather dreary sight: dark and stained and with cracks. This year there are tax incentives for weatherization of real property and the owner of the apartment building I face has taken advantage of it.

It has taken several weeks (the contract clearly allowed the insulation, refacing and painting to not be a priority for the company) but the wall is now finished and painted a gleaming and beautiful cream, over the repairs, insulation and stucco already applied.

It looks just beautiful and, I have read, improves the energy utilization by up to 40%. It even improves the energy utilization in my apartment as the light that it reflects into my kitchen allows me to not use electricity for lighting for a longer period every day.

I also enjoyed seeing the process of building the infrastructure and then the deconstruction of the scaffolding and the machines as they slowly gathered their equipment to leave.

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heather in europe said...

Funny, you and I bought write about the view from our kitchen window today, and it's somewhat the same, although mine is on a much smaller scale.