26 May 2009

Tuesday's with Dorie: Not today.

I'm tremendously better than I have been for the last 37 days. Except for a lingering cough and a need for the inhaler, I feel safely past the point where I worry about waking up in the morning because I wouldn't be able to breathe through the night, but I'm not up to any real baking yet. I have made a few dinners for the family, though, and they have been grateful:).

Look for me next week, when I get back aboard the train and start baking. No promises, but when I get back from my weekend in New York, perhaps I can even catch up on a few missed recipes: that tramisu cake looked great.

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Consummately Ineffable said...

Hi G. I know that this is the wrong forum for such a message. However, I just wanted to share a thought with you.

Regarding your posts on http://lettershometoyou.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/to-those-who-never-got-a-chance-to-die-where-they-were-supposed-to/

I completely agree with you... in that what occurred in Nazi Germany was deplorable and hideous... showing the very worst of the nature of man... and I would never take away from what happened or minimize it... but I do disagree with you when you say that it can't compare. You bring up a very good point when bringing up slavery, saying that one could start comparing it to blacks being rounded up. And you are right in that, no, blacks were not gassed, skinned, bled to death, or turned into fertilizer. But the approx 465 years that blacks were enslaved, there were no gas chambers. Blacks were strung up in trees and left to rot, drowned, whipped, raped, murdered, beaten, with little to no discretion as to the age or gender of the individual. Being transported from their home aboard a ship, crammed together with no room to move, no food, no water (with the dead and the sick or dying being thrown to sea), up to a month just to begin a new life of forced labor until death.

The two stories may not have much in common other than both being absolutely horrid. Utterly disdainful, and both caused for no other reason than the whims of evil men.

Also.... I wanted to note that the final solution did not only pertain to semites. You've heard of Rheinland, no? Though no law was passed pertaining to the "Rheinland Bastards" instead, a group named "Commission Number 3" was created to resolve the problem of the "Rhineland Bastards" with the aim of preventing their further procreation in German society. Organized under Dr. Eugen Fischer of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, it was decided that the children would be sterilized under the 1933 Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring (ie. blacks). Blacks were also found in concentration camps suffering the same horrors that Jews did (after the previous 463 years of horror)...

More recently there were 1,174,000 people murdered during the genocide of Rwanda... and that was only in 100 days, that's 7 people a minute because of their ancestry.

Really I just hope that everyone can appreciate the enormity of all the calamities that have been suffered at the hands of man. Blacks, Jews, Turks, Native "Americans," Tutsi... at the end of the day, we all bleed red blood, we all are human, and we all are brothers. The taking of a human life, the torture of another soul at all is tragic... and the tragedy of the persecution of one group of people is no greater than the tragedy of the persecution of another.