06 April 2009

The week before Pesach

and all through the house, Mama goes crazy and the kids run amok.

This weekend I have been doing a generally spring-cleaning and a Pesach cleaning. Why do I do them together? Because as I pull all the chometz out of the house, wiping down shelves and trying to make the apartment Pesach clean, we are also in our first real week of Spring. Day after day of sun (so far 5 in a row!), temperatures in the mid-60's (17C and up), the children demanding skirts with no strumpfhose (so far I have persuaded them that leggings are summer stockings:)).

Last night until after midnight I was emptying shelves, cleaning them thoroughly after loading all food products into boxes (two medium U-haul, 1 small). Then we taped the boxes up and put them in the kellar.

The week continues.


J said...

I had to look up what Pesach was and found out that I had only heard it called Passover before. Are there different groups of Jewish people who use different names for it?

G in Berlin said...

No, one is the word and the other is the English translation.No big deal. Did you really have to look it up? Didn't the chometz link define it?
But thanks for going to the trouble.

J said...

erm, I don't think I clicked the chometz link. Next time I'll know why you link to things...lol