26 July 2008

What a nice weekend.

What a nice weekend it is shaping up to be.
First, it's warm. Over 80F and sunny and yet not too muggy.
Second, we had folks over for dinner on Saturday and had a great time (as I hope they did;)) and
today, we went sailing on the Wannsee. A co-worker of the German's on his current project invited us all (including the girls) and we had a great time. We got to swim a bit off the boat and to see Angelina and Brad's huge mansion in the process of construction (I'll add photos later, perhaps- the thing is huge: so far they have excavated the hillside and built the infrastructure inside the hill as well as a boat garage that looks like it can handle 20 inside boats). Oh, our new neighbors;).

We ate a bite at the marina and then took the S-bahn home.

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