31 October 2012

What I am reading: October 2012

It's clear that reading e-books significantly increases the number of books that I read. As does not taking a German class this semester, travelling for extended car trips, visiting cities without the kids (to consider moving there) and so on.

My internet was down for 11 days (fodder for another post), so I'll just get this up now- I wasn't able to write reviews while I was reading, but, without internet or TV, I did read an awful lot.
  1. Cotillion (1953) by Georgette Heyer: Obviously a re-read. (E-book)
  2. Cut, Crop & Die by Joanne Campbell Slan: Liked the free dowload enough to buy another one. Enjoyed the single mom crafter protagonist.  (E-book)
  3. Ring of Fire III by Eric Flint: Short stories filling in interim gaps in the Ring of Fire world. (Baen E-book)
  4. 1635: Papal Stakes (Oct 2012) by Eric Flint and Charles Gannon: (Baen E-book)
  5. Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold: The sequel to A Beautiful Friendship (reviewed last month) continues the introduction of tree cats to Manticorean society and the founding of the Harrington clan. Loved it. (Baen E-book)
  6. Bloodstone (A Reluctant Witch Mystery) by Barbra Annino :  (E-book)
  7. In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond:  Fluffy and free- I liked this story set in Louisiana. (E-book)
  8. Longeye by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: This is the sequel to Duainfey, which I haven't read. Very different from Lee/Miller's Korval series, this is the story of a part-Fey human, taken to the world where the Fey rule. (Baen E-book)
  9. Cast in Peril by Michelle Sagara:  Another in the Elantris series. Eagerly awaited, as always. (E-book)
  10. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson: I have had this floating around for a while, finally read and enjoyed it very much. Sandersin is a great writer.(E-book)
  11. Princess Paisley by Chautona Havig: A bit Christian for my tastes, but the fairy tale was nice. (E-book)
  12. Emile and the Dutchman by Joel Rosenberg: (Baen E-book)
  13. A Fall of Water
  14. The Force of Wind
  15. This Same Earth
  16. A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter: Liked this quartet of books enough thata fter reading the first (free) download, I bought the remainder of the series. Extremely well-written vampire series, with a connection to the elements.  (all E-books)
  17. Always the Designer, Never the Bride 
  18. Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker: Free Amazon downloads, set in the same group of friends who find happiness and relationships. Nice, light reads.(E-book)
  19. Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-law mystery) by Jane DeLeon: Free download. Light mystery with ghost, a protagonist who is a scientist, and an investigator love interest who respects her. Enjoyed it. (E-Book) 

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