06 May 2012

And a birthday in two parts

At the MACHmit Museum
T2 had her birthday celebration broken by the holidays, T1's birthday, and some other excursions, but we finally got it all done!

First, she had her birthday in class. For once, I didn't stay to take photos and these are from her Erzieherin. I like the "Birthday train" so much that last year I bought one myself. It only goes up to 9 (do you think there is an extension set?), so I guess that it is aimed at the Grundschule set. Afterwards, they play traditional German birthday games (which have the birthday child wearing a crown and acting as master of ceremonies: is this how the bossiness is inculcate?) and each other child personally congratulates the Geburtstagkind with a handshake and the ritual "Herzlichen Gluckwunsch". I brought in the standard cake, but I also brought in goody-bags, as we invited only the girls to the later, outside, party.

The second part of the party, held several weeks later, was at the Kindermuseum MACHmit! I had heard good things about the museum, and because of the weather and the number of children (even with just girls, it was larger than any party we have had) we decided we needed a program. The girls really enjoyed the climbing area and the chocolate cake (for once not one I made myself), but the program was a little bit above their level— more for the 8 year old and her friend then a group of 5-6 year olds. I'm disappointed that one of the guides was not able to understand that giving a note to a non-reading child is a bit inutile. The other guide was great with kids, though.

We will visit the museum again, when we can be more free-form.

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