20 July 2010

This is sort of fun.

Or may be it's a little frightening that I keep finding things that have been here too long! There does seem to be a theme that I am finding it easier to cull the childrens' things. On the other hand, when my things are broken, I tend to either throw them out or fix them, so I don't have as much low hanging fruit.
In the first photo, you see a bunch of catalogs : I hang on to catalogs for a while to consciously decide whether I actually want to buy anything. About 99.99% of the time, the answer is: No. Then the catalogs can pile up: into recycling they go.

You also see a hairband that my kids don't like (into the accumulation bag for the re-opening of the Kita). That's also where that strange stuffed animal will go, while the strange plastic eggs just went into recycling. The little Pooh fake phone is one of the tchotckes that comes with T2's Winnie the Pooh magazine subscription. I hate those things. Badly made, makes T2 sad when they break (as they do quickly). You see the same in the second photo, where the unmelodious and non-usable guitar can be seen. The phone goes to the Kita, the guitar in the garbage (as does T1's much thumbed over and loved American Girl catalog: she has more current ones and we will be visiting the store next week. Also, good-bye old crown from birthday party.


wintersong said...

I'd hate for you to see the stack of stuff in my basement waiting to go to the de-clutter pile, i.e., the boxes to donate. I'll look to you for inspiration from now on.

G in Berlin said...

I'm "lucky" here, in that our "cellar" is a big wire box in the basement. That pretty much means that anything that makes its way down there has been picked trough and re-packed. THe only time I'll winnow through their contents is when they come up for seasonal changeover.
I think you have been pretty busy recently: I don't know if going through the basement is what you need to do now!
Wait until you see the pictures from our house in Westchester! And then (if I can bear to post them) our storage unit upstate.