31 December 2009

What I am reading: December 2009

These are a bit out of order as most of them were Kindle reads and already deleted off my list- more on a later post as to the Kindle itself:).
  1. Already Dead by Charlie Huston- Amazingly good and a wion for Amazon's practice of giving out free e-books in the attempt to get serious new readers addicted to authors they may have not yet read. Noir vampire in the city. Great, great stuff.
  2. Anne of the Island
  3. Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery-- I now have all the Anne books sitting on my Kindle and expect I will have reread them all by the end of next month. I was distracted by The Five Little Peppers, though:).
  4. Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe- I read this on the way to London, to get me in the mood.
  5. Mossy Creek by Deborah Smith- Pleasant genre romance, short stories, wholesome.
  6. All God's Creatures by Carolyn McSparren- Took me right back to my childhood, when I read every vet book and animal book I could get my hands on. A little rough in the writing, but the "memor" style novel of a female vet's life before female vets ere common, was interesting.
  7. An American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson: This and the Harris below were the only books I actually purchased. Very funny and I have wanted to read this since I heard him discussing his life a bit on his talk show.
  8. Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris- The next in Harris' Harper Connelly series. I am enjoying the character and relationship development and the premise (that after being stuck by lightning, the lead can "hear" the last moments of the dead when by their bodies). This was a big and surprising wrap-up of a major series plot line. I'll be interested to see where it goes after this because Harris could choose to use this as the series ender.
  9. Murder Takes the Cake by Gayle Trent: Nice cozy mystery. I'll probably pick up the next one if the price comes down a bit. I like to think of these as twofers- first one free, next cheaper than pb, makes two extremely gunstig books.
  10. Once Bitten by Kalayna Price: I liked this enough to go out and look to see if the author had written others. Since she hasn't, I'm a bit surprised that Amazon chose it as a freebie, but I enjoyed this well-written vampire premiere anyway.
I'll try to finish all the other posts piled up in drafty mode, but gosh- it has been a crazy year end! And my Kindle addiction seems to have used up the time when I would normally be watching TV and blogging at the same time.


Paula said...

Happy New Year, G--

Thanks for posting about Amazon's promotion for ALREADY DEAD. Sounds like fun. It's now on my Kindle (but probably will wait until Apanage is done before I start reading it).

Lynda said...

Well how about that... just today I ask where you are,... and you are back! I am really not sure about getting a kindle... worried that if I do, there will be no more housework.. ever.. ever... again

honeypiehorse said...

Nice list - nothing beats Anne!

G in Berlin said...

Hi Paula:I haven't done the Nage since I got the Kindle- luckily I had it finished after I received last mailing and was holding on to it for additional natter- which the Kindle interfered with!
Lynda: Tell me when you are coming and I will make plans!
honeypiehorse: I just read all The Five Little Pepper books and now I'm thinking of moving on to Pollyanna, with a stop at The Waterbabies. Wow, the racism in the latter 5 Little Pepper books was unconscious and mindboggling. But I need to force myself to read my TBR hard copy books or I will neer get through them (and list them for sale on Amazon.de).