20 August 2009

Nintendo Wii help- Germany and US regional issues: Help!

So, we have a German Nintendo Wii and we have American games (because that's where we are from!) as well as German games (because that's where we are currently).

Can anyone help with how to resolve this issue that does not require throwing either one region (and the player) or the other region away? Because one day we expect to be back in the US and will have the issue there as well. At the moment, we have only a few games on each side and the Wii is still returnable (surprise gift from husband- much wanted, but leaving us with this quandary) so we need to decide quickly.

Please e-mail me if you have any possible solutions, thanks to anyone who can help us out.

(bigappletobigbear at googlemail.com) take out the spaces, of course.

Thanks to everyone... for the e-mails and after talking to Nintendo US, I sent back the German Wii and accessories and will bring over the US version. There was once a software solution to the problem, but Nintendo rendered it ineffective with their last firmware upgrade and I don't want to roll the firmware backwards and need to prevent automatic upgrades. I think it's terribly annoying and also amazing that Nintendo Germany and Nintendo UK don't respond to e-mail queries, but it is what it is.


S said...

I don't know about the wii (we have the us version) but the DS games work just fine in either "language". If you know that you are going back to the States I'd return the german one and would get the US version of it. We never tried any german games on the wii but I guess I should buy one to see if it works, lol. Plus the US one is dual voltage so no problems with hooking it up to the 220 outlets.

Joyce said...

Would you like me to ask my brother, now in Finland for nearly a year, what they're doing to keep Wii games accessible?
By the way, I keep seeing the Berlin Bear mascot at the World Track & Field events and think of you and your blog. No, they're not giving us much TV coverage in the US, but Universal Sports is streaming it online. Are you at all interested in the competition?


G in Berlin said...

Hi S- don't buy German games. THey are region-encoded like DVDs, but unlike DVDs, there are no region crackers for the Wii (I wonder if the Australian Wii is region-free by law, as all their DVD players are?).
Joyce: Only on the news, as I follow the controversary about the Africam woman runner. I have a friend in PR who went to some games but we just got back Monday afternoon and I haven't done all that much. I also don't watch any German TV. I really need to get my toosh back into German class this fall: I'm losing all my language abilities.

J said...

"I think it's terribly annoying and also amazing that Nintendo Germany and Nintendo UK don't respond to e-mail queries"

That's called customer service in Europe.